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Management Team

Strength of management and supervision makes the Non-Core Business Solutions'system work. At Non-Core Business Solutions, LLC, our operating philosophy is to treat everyone as we would like to be treated. Our management staff is committed to making this philosophy a reality and to providing you with the best service possible. Whenever you need assistance, we are there -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Non-Core Business Solutions' clients choose to stay with us because we deliver what we promise. We are a proactive company that doesn't wait for problems to be brought to our attention. When potential problematic situations are foreseen, we present them to our customers with recommended solutions that make our services seamless with their operations.

Experienced Employees

Employees are the cornerstone of our company. Our ability to recruit and retain good employees is attributed to several factors:

  • Candidates are interviewed and carefully screened to ensure we hire only those with the highest integrity and work ethic;
  • Security of customers' facilities is of major importance to us. A standard drug-screening test as well as an in-depth criminal background check is made;
  • Each applicant's work history is reviewed in detail for at least the previous five years. Whenever possible, we contact previous supervisors to discover the character and work ethic of the applicant;
  • Each new employee is quickly oriented via our training program specifically developed by us for the building maintenance industry;
  • Our ongoing group and tutoring programs insures employees continually receive critical safety training and vital instruction to keep current on any important issues.

Our philosophy to consistently treat others as we want to be treated has enabled us to retain quality employees over the years. Although turnover has always been this industry's biggest problem, treating our employees better and paying them more decreases some of this turnover problem. 

Retaining good employees saves both the time and costs involved in advertising, interviewing, hiring, orienting, and training new personnel. The customer benefit is more security, better safety, less cost and consistent quality and service. 

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