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Just how clean is your building or school? Even the cleanest hallways, desks, and bathrooms are usually high-volume germ zones without proper sanitation. With 56 years of experience, Non-Core Business Solutions, LLC (NCBS) and its School Division, School Custodial/Sanitation Services provides unique, innovative sanitation and janitorial services to keep your buildings looking great and your occupants healthy.

Originally established as Southern Building Maintenance Co. in 1959, our company name changed to Environmental Consultants, Inc. in 1974 and finally Non-Core Business Solutions in 2009, continually reflecting our evolution of environmentally conscious, non-core cleaning and sanitation solutions. Today, we’re dedicated to providing innovative, cost-effective custodial programs focused on cleaning for health and sanitation, as well as appearance.

We also provide staffing and other non-core needs, offering complete outsourcing, consulting agreements, and management contract options. Learn more about our janitorial cleaning services.

Doing It Right with People you will Like– Janitorial Services, Custodial Services and Sanitation Services for Any Facility and Any Budget

From offices, public school systems and universities to airports and manufacturing plants, we strive to be the premier one-stop service provider for all facilities and their occupants. Specializing in sanitation services, the success of our unique methodologies is measured by the decreases in work-related illness absenteeism and increased overall savings.

Our comprehensive, effective cleaning for health is founded on the following core values:

Respect and Commitment – We have always believed in treating our customers and employees just as we would like to be treated. Our management understands that the human factor is the most important factor in business/production equation; more important than all other elements. NCBS also emphasizes honesty, excellent work ethic, and open communication as we partner with each customer.

Superior Management – Effective productivity is directly linked to great people and strong management. Our work simplification studies have resulted in a 10% to 25% productivity edge on most of our competitors. Meet our staff to get familiar with the people who make our excellent service possible – people you will like.

Uncompromising Delivery and Customer Priority – Our clients are loyal because of our unwavering ability to deliver real, quantitative results, not just empty promises or sales talk. And because we place our customers first, we do whatever it takes to satisfy them.

“There’s Always a Better Way” – This mantra hangs on the wall of each manager’s office as a reminder of our dedication to continually improve our methods and service. As a proactive company, we never wait for problems to occur. Instead, in most cases we take care of them before they happen by executing our services as seamlessly as possible to align with your operations.

Budget-Conscious – Regardless of your budget parameters, we design the best cost-sensitive plan to keep your occupants healthy and your facilities looking good. All plans are also scalable.

24/7 Support – When you need assistance, you will find a real, caring manager at the other end of the line that can handle your problem– not a machine or answering service. Offering 24/7 emergency support, one of our managers is always on call to take care of whatever issues may occur.

Get your facility healthy and cleaned with NCBS. For more information on how our janitorial services and sanitization process can maximize the value of your building and occupants, call us at 1-800-700-3313 for a no-obligation consultation, or fill out this simple form.

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