Non-Core Business Solutions, (NCBS), formerly known as Southern Building Maintenance Co., Inc. and Environmental Consultants Inc, is a professional services company, cleaning industrial plants, office buildings, colleges, schools, hospitals, distribution centers, and other facilities for health as well as appearance since our begining in1959 by providing Best-in-Class solutions for non-core business needs. 

The value we generate for our clients is freeing up their time and saving them money by managing functions not directly related to their core business such as custodial and janitorial services, building maintenance, and building sanitizing to keep your employee healthy and safe. 


As of June 1, 2009 Environmental Consultants Inc.(ECI) dba Southern Building Maintanance Co., Inc. (SBM) has been renamed to Non-Core Business Solutions, LLC. Since 1959, the company has provided non-core services to many clients located in the Southeast US. The initial endeavor was to create a best-in-class service provider for professional commercial cleaning services. This was accomplished and serves as the core platform for growth into many areas. The SBM core engine was clearly respected as, “A Professional Management Solution”. 

A fundamental strategy for the company was to position as a professional one-stop solution for all client service needs and we eventually became much
more than the message conveyed by the name Environmental Consultants Inc (ECI)and "Southern Building Maintenance (SBM)."  Our company provides many value-added services that compliment our client’s day-to-day and special project needs. Our typical services are for the manufacturing, energy, food service, construction, automotive, healthcare, and governmental clients.

Although our company name has changed, the operational principals and foundation upon which SBM and ECI was built have remained the same. And, as Non-Core Business Solutions, LLC, we will continue to operate under the guidance of the same Core Values.

SBM Renames to Become "Non-Core Business Solutions, LLC"
We are proud to announce our new company name, Non-Core Business Solutions, LLC.  We believe our new name more accurately reflects the variety of services we've provided since our begining in 1959 and represents the direction in which we continue to grow. Although under a new name, we are the same company our valued clients are accustomed to working with and we look forward to continue to offer best-in-class solutions for non-core needs.



Your Non-Core 
Needs are OUR Core Business.
“In business, words are words, promises are promises, and explanations are explanations, but only performance is reality.”
- Mr. Harold S. Geneen, former chairman of ITT

Welcome to Non-Core Business Solutions, LLC
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