Non-Core Business Solutions: "Green Cleaning" Pioneers
Green Cleaning Pioneers — Cleaning for Health & Safety

Non-Core Business Solutions understands the impact that “Green Cleaning” can have on the environment, the health of our customers’ employees, the durability and attractiveness of our customers’ buildings, and the vitality of our planet earth.  We instruct our employees to be good environmental stewards by conserving such consumables as our customers’ water and energy.  

The 1993 Presidential Executive Order # 13101, defined “Green Cleaning” as,  “…products and services that reduce the environmental impacts compared to similar products and services used for the same purposes.”

Non-Core Business Solutions understands and supports the position that environmentally safe cleaning chemicals, supplies, and equipment are needed and desired in today’s society.  In the early 1970’s, the company changed its name to Environmental Consultants Inc. because of our strong commitment to improving the interior building environment of our customers, as well as the appearance and cleanliness of their facilities.  At this time, the company’s mission was also changed to “Cleaning for health and safety.”  We were pioneers in the education and practice of using environmentally safe materials and business processes - such as using HEPA filtration systems in our vacuums. 

Today, operating under the corporate name of Non-Core Business Solutions LLC, we continue to share with our customers and prospects our commitment to cleaning for health and safety as well as for appearance. Thankfully our audience has grown. We are so pleased about the recent focus on this issue and do everything in our power to uphold the highest and strictest standards for the products we use in our cleaning.  We are proud to consider ourselves as “pioneers” in the pursuit of “green cleaning!”
Our largest contribution is our development of our Sanitizing Program

We pledged to our customers to purchase and use “Green Clean” chemicals, supplies, and products whenever and wherever possible. 

We pledged to seek and implement a “Green Clean” comprehensive program with environmentally responsible products and services approved by Green Seal, Inc.

Green Seal Inc. is the non-profit organization that identifies and promotes products and services that cause less toxic pollution and waste; conserve resources and habitats; and minimize global warming and ozone depletion (  
Our "Green Clean" Pledge

Your Non-Core Needs are OUR Core Business.
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