About Us
Non-Core Business Solutions, LLC started as a proprietorship in 1959 and was originally named, Southern Building Maintenance Company (SBM).  The company changed to an S corporation a few years later, then finally to a C corporation.  In the early ‘70s the company was renamed "Environmental Consultants, Inc." because of our strong commitment to cleaning for health and safety by improving the indoor air of the buildings we cleaned.  The Environmental Protection Agency had strict standards for the exterior air quality, but none for the interior air of a building.  The quality of the interior air was usually substantially below the standards of what was considered safe for the outside air. Now our Sanitizing Service makes the air in buildings cleaner then outside air. Today, we continue to share with our customers and prospects our commitment to health and safety. 

On June 1. 2009, the company was renamed once again to Non-Core Business Solutions, LLC to more accurately reflect the variety of services we provide and represent the direction in which we continue to grow. 

Non-Core Business Solutions company foundation was built on respect and commitment. We treat ALL others, like we want to be treated and never compromise quality or integrity. We believe the confidence and trust placed in us by our customers, combined with our expertise developed over the years, makes Non-Core Business Solutions imminently qualified to handle your non-core needs; which ultimately allows you to focus on what makes your business profitable, your core business. 

  • The company was formed by Mr. James S. Ray, Sr. in 1959
  • NCBS is a Veteran owned company
  • Clear Proposals with Full Disclosure 
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Customized Site Inspection Reports
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Service
  • Safety Trained and Focused
  • Continuous Quality Assurance
  • Entrusted employees with background/ criminal history  checks and drug testing
  • Insured and Bonded
Company Overview

Your Non-Core Needs are OUR Core Business
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